Jabian Consulting

Visualize a Culture of Change

The Objective

Design and illustrate a biannual publication for Jabian — a top national consulting firm – targeted for its clients, prospects, and new recruits. Communicate Jabian’s compelling brand promise — a passion for solving complex problems in unique and unusual ways.

The Approach

From concept development, formatting, illustration, and production supervision, FalkHarrison manages all aspects of the publication. From detailed infographics and compelling story design, we provide creative and strategic thinking that makes Jabian’s business communications smart and engaging. The Journal provides an excellent opportunity for our designers to explore publication design in a fast-paced, iterative process with our client. It really requires thinking on our feet.


“The Journal publishes content on some complex issues that require smart design thinking to aid in comprehension. I love the challenge.”

David Kendall, Senior Art Director

Delicate Print Design Execution


The Digital Journal

The digital Journal provides access to great content – anytime, anywhere, in portable, mobile-friendly format.

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This visually branded look connects a wide variety of topics in a cohesive, integrated system. From the smallest details to the biggest ideas, the publication effectively positions Jabian employees as thought-leaders within their industry.

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