APA Adoption Center

Changing Perceptions

The Objective

Evolve the brand and all communication materials of a nearly 100–year-old “animal shelter” to that of an “adoption center.” Through a targeted marketing strategy, attract and engage potential adopters and contributors around a compelling brand promise and three differentiated brand pillars — adoption, wellness and education.

The Approach

Communications rely heavily on pet and people imagery, relatable success stories of adoptions, visualization of dynamic performance data, and infographics. Content focuses on the high-quality programs of the APA — all focused on building loyal brand advocates.

“It’s an honor to work with such a worthy and dedicated organization as the APA. They fill a great need for both pets — and the people who live in the St. Louis region.”

Steve Harrison, President

Brand Position & Pillars


Targeted Financial Appeals


Environmental Design


“We are lucky to have FalkHarrison on our team – they are a joy to work with. Their work is remarkable.”

Sarah Javier, Executive Director


Building on our foundational brand messaging platform, the APA Adoption Center communication materials consistently deliver our unique brand voice … an emotional – yet smart – story of a well-run nonprofit organization.

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