Original Cast Lighting

Winning the Spotlight

The Objective

Rebrand an established, second-generation lighting business to appeal to a sophisticated and design-focused audience — architects, interior designers and lighting specialists.

The Approach

To project the new energy and outlook of the second generation of management, rebrand this 35-year-old company and its product marketing materials. Anchored by a new market position and brand identity that appeals to a new design-influenced audience, produce a 300+ page hard-bound catalog to highlight an expanded line of contemporary lighting fixtures for hotels, restaurants, and office buildings.

The only thing we pulled forward from the old brand was the company name on the two-color product binder. Everything else was up for grabs.


“The 300-page catalogue was one of the most challenging projects I’ve ever helped produce. The client demanded nothing less than perfection and the team at FalkHarrison once again delivered.”

Ken Kuehnel, Senior Creative Director

A Complete Overhaul

Redesigning the existing product binder had nowhere to go but up. The production and addition of the high-end product photography was critical in the design of the catalogue. It proved to be the differentiating element that appealed to our visual designer audience. The redesign of the product specification data made the piece not only beautiful, but functional as well.


Product Update Mailings


Brand Awareness

A cost-effective way to maintain brand awareness and update the designer audiences on new product introductions was the production of the annual direct mail pieces. They carry the smart design thinking and confident voice forward in an elegant way.


The new brand assets continue to reshape the perceptions of the company. A product update is mailed annually to highlight new additions and to maintain company visibility and awareness.

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