Booz Allen Hamilton

From Complex to Simple

The Objective

Differentiate a strategic product offering, sales and marketing tactics, and a strategic corporate positioning that supports product launches, work strategies, and process flows. Through strategic brand differentiation and a compelling brand promise, we communicate the complex through simplicity.

The Approach

Through an iterative process, a wealth of information was synthesized and reshaped to the most salient, differentiating points to engage particular audience through relevant brand messaging. Targeting the U.S. government and its agencies, Fortune 500 corporations, and new client prospects, this differentiated storyline, compelling design, and detailed infographics created a positive brand experience when integrated into corporate presentations, sales meetings, and related product launches.


“Take hours of conversations and huge amounts of background data and create something that tells a succinct story in a dynamic way.”

Ken Kuehnel, Senior Creative Director

Second Century


Streamlining Processes, Services, & Data


Redefining the Future of Cyber Security


Convergence of Intelligence & Operations



The iterative process with our clients brought new, simplified thinking and a storyline that was more easily understood. Informed design thinking, story organization, infographics, and an insatiable need to simplify the message brought a new, fresh perspective to complex concepts.

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