Brand Positioning

Reinsurance Group of America

Annual Review Website Design and Development The website presents the complex story in an easily-navigated format. The mobile experience provides easy access to performance data across a global, multi-language platform.


Refining an Established Brand Product Literature Website Design & Development

Chesterfield Montessori School

Brand Voice & Tone Brand Identity The identity incorporates simple geometric shapes, a familiar element used in interactive learning and building of ideas and solutions. Understanding how the “pieces fit together” is key to the learning process. These geographic shapes are incorporated as letterforms in the brand identity, as well as the website and all…

Arch Coal

Messaging Map Sketch Print Communications Website Design & Development Key, strategic messaging was used on the revolving homepage images — each tied to examples of how Arch Coal was indeed “powering the working world.” Clean, powerful images portray the versatility and applications of the power source.

Arbor Management

Logo Concepts The mark taking on a literal tree form was, well a natural. The ability to incorporate the “A” letter form made the mark that much more unique. Selected Logo The graphic, recognizable tree form was supplemented by a unique plaid pattern — a nostalgic throw-back to the plaids worn by lumberjacks. The contrast…

TheBANK of Edwardsville

Logo Very minor refinements were made to the mark itself, originally designed in 1979. Three sub-brands were created — one for each of the three lines of business that we were focusing on — a unified brand structure. Introductory Hello Campaign Microsite The microsite provided a portal into our three lines of business at TheBANK…

Cypress Pointe Cremation

Messaging Map Sketch Initial Identity Options Logo Concepts Logo concept creative process explored both the sybolic and literal depiction of trees. A secondary theme (cremation) was explored but not pursued. The strongest of each tree depiction was selected for initial extension to color and treatments. A copy of the logo exploration work is below. Chosen…

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