The School District of Clayton

Educate. Inspire. Empower.

The Objective

Create a brand identity system that unites seven community schools within a single, large school district, while allowing each school to retain their individual presence. Develop new brand tools, language and assets to support ongoing communication across a wide user base across the school district.

The Approach

The rebrand was led by engaging with the community on their specific requirements and individual brand messages, then uniting them in a single district-wide system. The design solution acknowledges both the larger operating school district — and the existence of seven individual community within that district. The district was represented by a “C” letterform, while individual schools were identified by a unique architectural element from each school that was then incorporated within the letter shape. The result offered each individual school brand differentiation and autonomy — while connecting them to a larger operating school district. The new brand identity was extended to additional communication tools that united the individual schools under a single, united brand voice.



Through a comprehensive and integrated brand identity system – including new websites, print collateral, template and photography libraries – the District’s visual brand now shines as brightly as its nationally recognized reputation.

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