Sugarfire Smoke House

Who’s Hungry?

The Objective

Tell a delicious — and incredibly successful — story about an enticing, award-winning barbeque restaurant in St. Louis, known for its traditional fare as well as its menu originality.

The Approach

Let the food photography do the talking — because it’s every bit as delicious as it looks. Beef brisket. Baby back ribs. Pulled pork. House-made sauces. “Adult” milkshakes with booze. The site serves as the basis of the brand and the menu. Posts on social media feature the daily food specials and drive traffic to the site and to the restaurant. The site serves as an extension of the restaurant’s eclectic interior — full of memorabilia and happy customers, big community tables, and plenty of paper towels.

Don’t work on this project around lunch.

Brand Personality Extension



The site was designed to give you a preview of what to expect on your next trip in – just get ready for a line out the front door. Beginning with the original location, Sugarfire Smoke House now has 6 locations (and still growing!) – each a little different from the next, but each ensuring a great food experience.

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