Glendon Grapperhaus

Web Developer

Glendon is a husband, web developer, father to four cats and three dogs, Marvel fan, vegetarian, tech-enthusiast, Google fanboy, public radio supporter, and purveyor of really good puns. Glendon loves a good web development challenge to help increase his own skillset, and also to help clients and users more effectively connect with one another.

When he’s not burying his face in a computer screen at work, Glendon loves to bury his face in a computer screen at home (whether it is more code or a good video game).

Will Always Say Yes To

Taco Bell, pizza, and/or beer.

Recent Project I'm Proud Of

Favorite Marvel Movies

Doctor Strange and Spider-Man: Homecoming

Favorite Beer

Whatever is juicy/hoppy or free.

Ideal Weekend Night

Beer in my hand, cat in my lap.