Enhance Your Shareholder Communications.

Leading organizations are evolving and elevating their reporting efforts from basic disclosures into compelling shareholder communications.

Working as a Broadridge Global Solutions and Workiva Alliance Partner, we’re developing enhanced design solutions that add value to your most important shareholder communications by making detailed information more accessible and easy to understand.

We Create Impactful Shareholder Communications

Give your critical shareholder messages life and build greater understanding with more powerful, strategically designed communications.

A Powerful Partnership for End-to-End Solutions


A Seasoned Creative Partner

For over 50 years, FalkHarrison has partnered with leading organizations to develop award-winning design solutions that convey critical information to important audiences. We leverage brand strategy, develop strategic messaging, and structure critical content — all through a collaborate client-centered process that is focused on delivering compelling printed and digital communications. FalkHarrison leads the development of:

  • Enhanced Proxy Statements
  • Annual Reports
  • ESG Reports
  • Investor Roadshows
  • Digital Shareholder Communications


A Global Fintech Company

Broadridge Financial Solutions, a global Fintech leader in disclosure and shareholder communications, helps with conventional and next-generation digital delivery of regulatory and shareholder communications. Broadridge supports clients with a full-suite of services including:

  • Printing and Distribution of Annual Reports and Proxys
  • Virtual Shareholder Meetings
  • Merger / Initial Public Offering
  • Shareholder Data Services
  • Compliance
  • More

Core Partnership Services

Shareholder Communications

Our award-winning team of experienced design and strategic messaging consultants collaborate with clients to structure information that creates greater impact, builds understanding, and validates investment choices. Through annual reports, ESG reports, digital communication, investor presentations, and both traditional typeset and Workiva platform proxies, we offer full suite of services.

Enhanced Proxy Statements

With enhanced proxy statements, good design yields effective communication. Beyond beauty, good proxy design achieves your communication goals. It engages the reader, it organizes content, and provides ease of readership. As an extension of your brand, good design makes your information more accessible, engaging, and memorable.

wDesk Development

Through our Workiva certification, we’re working in a software application that is at the forefront of the next generation in reporting. By removing complexity, streamlining processes, and developing brand-centric visual solutions, we support the needs of today’s pioneering wDesk users.

Informed Creative Solutions

Your Creative Resource for Enhanced Proxy Statements, Annual Reports, and ESG Reports

Using Creative Intelligence™ — a proprietary model that guides our development efforts — FalkHarrison creates smart and effective shareholder communications solutions.

Best practices for a more powerful proxy statement.

Proxy Trends Webinar

Proxy statements have evolved from a regulatory document to a vitally important shareholder communication. View this webinar replay to learn about the trends that are driving this change, as well as some key best practices to help your company get the most value from your proxy statement.

What’s Your Proxy Design Strategy?

A Partnership for Increased Shareholder Engagement

Solutions for Maximum Impact

Through a strategic partnership with Broadridge Financial Solutions, FalkHarrison, a leading corporate and investor communications firm, helps organizations engage shareholders by providing traditional and enhanced proxy design services. Additionally, working as a Workiva Alliance Partner, FalkHarrison can lead proxy design enhancements and production within the Workiva platform  highlighting key information, improving readability, and building your brand   all while empowering distributed teams with 100% control of proxy documents from initial drafts, through filing and printing.


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Put the industry’s only true single-source solution to work today. We’ll support your shareholder communication needs, empower document management, and enable SEC compliance with award-winning design, streamlined processes, and cost-effective solutions.


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