Lasting brands, and lasting client relationships.

Since 1978, FalkHarrison has earned the confidence of clients both large and small, in a variety of industries communicating to diverse audiences. Our clients include major global corporations as well as private companies, public institutions and nonprofit organizations in a broad range of diverse industries.

Over the years, design has permeated our culture, our process – and our product. Passion and purpose have long defined us. Through a shared singular commitment to quality, we fuse design and problem solving with clarity and focus. The result? Lasting brands – and lasting client relationships.

Our Principles

What we value shapes us.

1. Keep Learning

We haven’t survived for half a century without adapting.

2. Always Simplify

Communicating with clarity isn’t always easy, but it’s always better.

3. Stay Positive

You can’t make everyone happy, but you sure as hell can try.

4. Share Ideas

Collaboration pushes creative while it pulls us together.

5. Find Balance

It’s tough to do quality work if you don’t live a quality life.