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Web Front-End Designer/Developer


About this Job:

Falk Harrison is looking for a full-time, web designer/developer specializing in front-end digital design and development with WordPress integration. You should enjoy working in an agency setting, be comfortable balancing multiple projects and have a passion for the development of great online experiences. You’ll get to work on branded websites for a diverse mix of high-profile clients and directly impact the success of their digital strategy.


  • Define, scope and manage project requirements (technical/functional/content)
  • Blueprint websites using wireframes, site maps and user flows
  • Create branding, navigation and UXD elements
  • Design mobile, responsive and adaptive websites and e-mail campaigns
  • Code websites using HTML, CSS, JQuery and PHP
  • Produce adaptive, responsive and progressively enhanced websites
  • Incorporate SEO and UXD best practices
  • Debug, performance analysis and quality control


  • BFA in Graphic Design, BS in Computer Science or equivalent work experience
  • Expert knowledge of front-end website development
  • Extensive experience with dynamic websites
  • Core understanding of WordPress platform and plug-in space
  • Great debugging and reasoning skills


  • Experience with back end development frameworks like Ruby on Rails or Django
  • Experience with web databases such as Postgresql and MySQL
  • Experience with paid SEO campaigns and multivariate testing
  • Experience with e-commerce, CRM, CEM and EMM vendor integrations
  • Experience with version control such as Git
  • Experience with website hosting, backups and migrations

Please send digital copies of your resume and portfolio, plus preferred contact method, to careers@falkharrison.com. All information submitted will remain strictly confidential.

Welcome Corey Helling!

Corey Helling pic

We are excited to belatedly welcome Corey Helling to the firm. Corey joined us in early April after 3+ years at ProWolfe. He jumped right in on a huge branding project that Steve Harrison is heading. No rest!

During a grueling 30 minute interrogation, I was able to gather that:

1. Corey and his wife are the proud parents of a 10-week old daughter.
2. He graduated from UMSL with a Bachelor of Fine Arts.
3. Cunetto’s House of Pasta is his favorite restaurant. When he initially came to St. Louis, Cunetto’s was the first place his now-wife took him to. The family memories are starting to accumulate.
4. He enjoys watching Game of Thrones, Dexter, and American Pickers, but doesn’t watch much TV.
5. He f&$#king hates sports. He’ll play a sport but does not like watching or keeping up with sports.
6. He and his wife enjoy the outdoors. They tend to a wildflower garden on the grounds of Helling Manor. He especially likes camping, and whittling wood into useful things like arrows and figurines.
7. He enjoys folk bands like Fleet Foxes and Father John Misty.

Corey, we’re so glad to have you here!

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Falk Harrison Supports Project Hope

Project Hope and Falk Harrison

For several years, Falk Harrison staffers have drawn names to exchange Christmas ornaments during the holiday season. This year we wanted to do something more meaningful by finding a way to help others. We decided to collect hats, gloves, scarves and shoes to donate to Project Hope.

Project Hope is an effort of the Early Childhood Special Education Program (ECSE) of Special School District of St. Louis County (SSD). ECSE serves approximately 1,250 students each year, and about 12 percent of them come from low-income families. The severity of disabilities ranges from difficulty articulating certain sounds to multiple disabilities and developmental disorders. Teachers and staff help the families who are having financial difficulties, not only during the holidays, but also throughout the year, often using money out of their own pockets.

ECSE staff began raising money in an organized way in 2009 and has raised over $50,000 and served hundreds of families. They provide basic needs such as clothing, coats, shoes, socks, diapers and food; they also provide for some medical expenses that are not fully covered by insurance, such as leg braces and orthotics, as well as adaptive equipment for specialized needs.

What touched us at Falk Harrison is that the teachers and staff began by addressing these needs on their own, and then went further by organizing an annual trivia fundraiser in their spare time so they could do even more for the students and families. We’re both proud and humbled to help in our small way. We have gathered a large bag full of brand-new goodies and plan to collect some gently used clothing items for staff to have on hand in the classrooms for the preschoolers in 2013. We hope our gifts of clothing bring a little joy and warmth to the recipients.

If you’d like to help, let me know and we’ll collect what you have to donate, or I’d be happy to put you in touch with the appropriate SSD personnel. Contact me at msteinau@falkharrison.com.

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Thank You Day 2012 at Falk Harrison

Thank You Day at Falk Harrison

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is not often the most productive day around American offices. Most people are either getting on the road, thinking about getting on the road, fretting over a full day of cooking, or dreaming of watching the Cowboys and Lions. One thing many have likely not considered to pass the time is a very large Thanksgiving Eve meal to get the stomach properly expanded for the next day’s Thanksgiving Feast.

To celebrate a little employee togetherness, we’re having a Thanksgiving Eve Thank You Day luncheon here at Falk Harrison for the employees that will be working that day. Currently, the only job I’ve been assigned for the day is to bring in some Kaldi’s Coffee. I think I got off easy.

We’re having chili mac, chicken wings, brussel sprouts from Cleveland-Heath, and crème brûlée for dessert. Productivity is expected to shoot through the roof.

We’ll post pics of the feast on Wednesday.

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Social Media 101 – A Webster University Business Boot Camp

Social Media 101 Webster University

Organizations of all shapes and sizes are faced with a set of goals that are connected in lockstep: Have a great product/story, create a messaging campaign surrounding it, increase visibility and awareness, generate and capture leads and finally, close the sale / receive the donation. Today’s consumer is more connected than ever, and they use the tools available to them to make choices about how to spend their time and money.

Social media can be used by organizations to inject themselves into that consumer’s decision-making process. As people rely more on their social graphs and less on the billboards they see, or even the results a search engine provides them, social media becomes the difference between making sales and just making ends meet.

Still, many businesses have not embraced these powerful communication tools. Many cite a lack of time and resources, some claim their customers are not on social media, and the entire bailiwick is sometimes even dismissed as something that’s “just for kids.” However, there are also a group of organizations that fall into a different category of nonuse: they have genuine interest in beginning a social media effort and fully grasp its importance and power, but something other than the excuses cited above is stopping them. Confusion over where to start, fear that they’ll say or do something stupid, and a general unwillingness to “open up” online are all typical culprits.

When Dean Benjamin Akande approached us about a Social Media seminar to be held at Webster University, I thought it made perfect sense. It seemed a great way to reach organizations that haven’t yet dipped their toe in the water. Knowing there were still such organizations, we decided that a back-to-basics 101 approach was warranted. We planned out a half-day of speakers covering topics like:

1. Why use social media for your business? (a great way to start the morning)
2. Lead generation
3. Blogging
4. LinkedIn
5. The legal concerns
6. Measuring success

We had over 100 people sign up and attend, and it was an amazing discussion. The crowd skewed a bit towards nonprofit, which aligns with my experiences. I have found that, among those that have not yet started using social media for business purposes, nonprofits tend to be a bit more eager to give it a try.

Our goal was to help large and small businesses, nonprofits and for profits – anyone that is new to social media – by giving them as many actionable tips and tricks as we could squeeze into five hours. We also sent each attendee away with a flash drive containing all presentation decks and some additional bonus information.

Thank you to Dean Akande, Charla Lord (the best), and Webster’s Office of Corporate Partnerships for hosting this event and having me be a part of it. Thank you also to Matt Ridings of SideraWorks, Erin Moloney of Perficient Inc., Jeff Schultz of Armstrong Teasdale, Nick Gilham of A Branded You, and Patrick Powers of Webster University for agreeing to present. You guys made it a wonderful seminar.

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