Thank You Day 2012 at Falk Harrison

Thank You Day at Falk Harrison

The Wednesday before Thanksgiving is not often the most productive day around American offices. Most people are either getting on the road, thinking about getting on the road, fretting over a full day of cooking, or dreaming of watching the Cowboys and Lions. One thing many have likely not considered to pass the time is a very large Thanksgiving Eve meal to get the stomach properly expanded for the next day’s Thanksgiving Feast.

To celebrate a little employee togetherness, we’re having a Thanksgiving Eve Thank You Day luncheon here at Falk Harrison for the employees that will be working that day. Currently, the only job I’ve been assigned for the day is to bring in some Kaldi’s Coffee. I think I got off easy.

We’re having chili mac, chicken wings, brussel sprouts from Cleveland-Heath, and crème brûlée for dessert. Productivity is expected to shoot through the roof.

We’ll post pics of the feast on Wednesday.

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  • Creativille

    I can’t wait. I bought the Creme Brûlée ingredients this weekend!