Saving Nikola Tesla’s Lab The New-Fashioned Way

Matthew Inman

I enjoyed this NPR story on the effort to save Nikola Tesla’s lab, Wardenclyffe. I especially appreciated the New Media approach to accomplishing one’s goals. Just read that headline! “Web Cartoonist Raises $1 Million for Tesla Museum.” Unbelievable. There are compelling stories of Kickstarter campaigns and the like, but this is different.

First, as far as I can tell, this miscarriage of history should not be happening. Tesla was one of the most brilliant human beings to have ever lived. Second, Matthew Inman’s comic The Oatmeal is genius, but approaching him for help in this case is completely genius. The need for quick fundraising here was acute, and Inman delivered!

Take a listen to the 4+ minute story and enjoy a tale of the new-fashioned way to raise a quick $1.2 million.

NOTE: Inman’s comic does contain profanity. Please do not read the comic if this is set to bother or offend you.

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